Technopôle Borj-Cedria

Route Touristique de Soliman Tunisie


+216 79325122


Lun-Ven: 8.30 am à 4.30 pm

General Director

Prof. Ahmed GHRABI


WRTC, Technopark Tourist Route of Soliman Nabeul PO-box N°273 – 8020 Soliman

Phone : +216 79 325 122
Fax: +216 79 325 802

Who are we?

The Water Researches and Technologies Center of BorjCedria(WRTC) was established on February the 16th, 2005bythe Decree No.337/2005, it’s apublic establishment with, administrative nature, a legal personalityand afinancial autonomy.
The CERTE was located 28 km to the south of Tunis, the sea, between Mount Hammam-lif Boukornine overlooking the beach in the tourist area of ​​Borj-Cedria and orangeries of  Soliman, 25 km from the spa Korbous in the governorate of Nabeul.
It is the research component of the water Technopôle Borj-Cedria
The Center is responsible for:

  • Carry out research on the various laboratories.
  • Participate in the development of scientific research and technology especially in the field of Undertake, at the request of ministries, national institutions, establishments and public and private enterprises in the framework of conventions established for this purpose, any research or experimentation expertise.
  • Conduct scientific research projects and developments.
  • Contribute to the development of science and technology in the field of water.
  • Contribute to the training of researchers.
  • Exploit the results of research in the field of water.
  • Monitor technology.

WRTC became a Center of Excellence

The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) has estimated the Water Research and Technologies Center of Borj Cedria- (CERTE) -Tunisia compliments and has the honor to refer at the 17th Meeting of COMSATS coordinating Council, which took u binds the 19 to 20 May 2014, in Tehran, Iran.
It may kindly be recalled that the 17th meeting of the Coordination Council unanimously approved the induction Water Research and Technologies Center of Borj Cedria- (CERTE), Tunisia, as network COMSATS Center of  Excellence (view the certificate) in the light of official request received from CERTE; technical evaluation report submitted by the COMSATS Executive Director based on his personal visit to CERTE in December 2013, and a detailed presentation by the WRTC General Director.


WRTC laboratories have initiated several research programs, including, for example:

  • The analysis of hydrogeological reservoirs in the basins of the Sahel-Kairouan region
  • Development of surface and underground
  • Water resources desalination of seawater and brackish water by reverse osmosis
  • Urban water and industrial effluent treatment,
  • Protection of the water environment against chemical and bacteriological pollution
  • Assessment and prevention of water-related health risks …

Specialized Units

1- Technology Development and Transfer Unit

2-Quality Analysis and Development Platform

3 – Scientific Information and Documentation Unit